In this highly competitive industry with several vendors available across the globe, it is important to find a right partner that understands and matches your unique set of requirements to drive the serialization project or activities for your company.

The partner needs to work closely with a company’s internal & external key stakeholders to take care of routine activities, improvements and enhancements, and the overall health of the project. The following attributes are important to be considered while evaluating or selecting a partner:
• Industry Knowledge
• Compliance Knowledge
• In house expertise
• Proven track record
• Flexibility
• Cost effectiveness
• Communication skills

Assessing the industry experience and past achievements of a potential partner is crucial. Partnering with a certified provider who has been recognized by multiple level 4 solution providers can prove invaluable in optimizing your serialization operations.

Seek out partners who have assembled a team capable of delivering comprehensive managed support services, encompassing tasks such as alert management, system validation, and serialization, and staffed by certified project managers with relevant experience. Consolidating these services within a single team can significantly minimize the amount of time required for interaction.

How can a partner enhance your serialization project?

Pharmaceutical companies without a robust system in place for managing the serialization activities can get benefited from a partner who provides managed services to take care of all day-to-day serialization activities like:
• Serialization Project Management
• New Business Partner On-boarding
• Level 4 System Management
• Technical Consulting
• Master Data Governance
• Validation Package
• Country Compliance Support for US DSCSA, EU FMD, Tatmeen UAE, ANVISA, Bahrain, SFDA etc.

Apart from offering the aforementioned services, partnering with a provider can also yield several benefits for pharmaceutical companies, including:
• Lower Costs
• Reduced Downtime
• Better Governance
• Faster Services
• Reduced Risks
• Access to skilled resources
• Increased efficiency
• Increased flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions
• Accelerated time to market

How can CosmoTrace help?

We are a leading Life Sciences Consulting organization that offers customized support and premium services on product serialization. As Serialization Consulting & Implementation Experts, our focus is on delivering the absolute best serialization support by offering long-term serialization and sustainability strategies and providing forward-thinking industry solutions.
We provide end -to-end serialization services like new partner on-boarding, project management, validation package, alert management, master data governance to name a few which are tailored to your needs to ensure no information gaps arise. 

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